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Gainesville Picture


Our combination of college-town vitality and protected natural beauty makes us one of a kind a place where nature and culture meet.

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Newberry Picture


A small town with a distinctive small town charm, Newberry, Florida maintains a Historic District and has itself been placed on the National Register of Historic places.

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Alachua Picture


North of Gainesville, among fields of wildflowers and piney woods is Alachua, Florida. It’s a place rarely found this day and age right down to a Main Street that looks exactly how small-town America should with small family-owned shops, and restaurants.

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High Springs Picture

High Springs

High Springs, the small north central Florida town of 3,600, that entices travelers. Located about 20 miles northwest of Gainesville, High Springs tempts visitors with diverse and unique offerings of art, antiques and outdoor adventures.

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